Bohman Carrie

Carrie Bohman is a presently a Social Studies teacher at West High School in the Madison Metropolitan School District located in Madison, Wisconsin.  Carrie has taught at West since 2004, and courses taught include: United States History, Western Civilization, African Survey, African American Experience, and most recently, Wisconsin First Nations.  Carrie also teaches night school focusing on Social Studies and Civics education, and she has been doing so since 2006.

Fortunately, the State of Wisconsin passed Act 31 in 1989, which mandates the instruction of Wisconsin First Nations curriculum throughout the K-12 public school curriculum.  With this legislative stipulation, Carrie with the support and encouragement of the Title VI American Indian Education committee, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Jennifer Cheatham, and the Social Studies Curriculum leaders, wrote the high school curriculum entitled, Wisconsin First Nations.  This course is an elective, and covers United States history through the lens of First Nations. Course curriculum highlights the histories, cultural traditions, and present day contributions of tribal nations along with the challenges to tribal sovereignty for the 11 tribal sovereign nations as well as the Brothertown Indian nation within the boundaries of the State of Wisconsin.

Carrie serves on the Title VI American Indian Education Committee as the faculty representative and liaison and has served since 2015.  In addition to teaching, Carrie has served as co-advisor of the West High School Native American Student Association and during that time students implemented a policy that banned student attire that included Indian mascots and logos.  Students also focused on First Nations’ efforts to sustain their languages through education and outreach. Students produced video documentaries documenting both of these efforts and issues.

Carrie holds two Masters degrees; one in Education and Policy and the other in Library Sciences with a certificate in Archives.  Carrie is looking to pursue course work in Adult education this fall at Edgewood College. Carrie thoroughly enjoys day trips to Wisconsin State parks, biking, live music, and being outdoors on Lake Superior.  Carrie is an uber aunt to 14 nieces and nephews.


West High Schoo, Madison, Wisconsin