DeTemple Rachel

Rachel DeTemple has just finished her 21st year of teaching and is currently an American Lit and AP Lit teacher at Hutchison High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. She has also taught at Barrow High School (now Utquiagvik) and the Kenny Lake School in Alaska. Rachel began her career through the Mississippi Teacher Corps in the Mississippi Delta. She is very passionate about coordinating lessons and research projects with the US History teacher at Hutchison and decolonizing both curricula in the process. In addition to her school work, she is hard at work on a novel about the Pilgrim era that finally decolonizes and debunks the myths of the colonization of Massachusetts and restores the Native perspective and voice to the narrative. Rachel is also a semi-professional fiddle player and an avid skin sewer. Her husband is a dog musher, and she's a pretty terrible cross-country skier, but she likes attempting to ski-jor with any of their 17 dogs in the winter. 


Hutchison High School Fairbanks, AK