The History of Sequoyah Schools: Through the Students’ Eyes

Students entering Sequoyah High School in the ninth grade are required to participate in a freshmen orientation course entitled Social/Emotional Learning. The course acclimates students to high school life and teaches the history of our school.  This curriculum project will examine the existing historical piece of the class. Currently, students are given historical dates and statistics that are also displayed on the school and tribal websites. This information softens issues that occurred throughout our school’s history and overlooks many of the stories that have been freely shared by alumni who attended the school and lived on the campus.  Through an initial Powerpoint presentation I will examine several primary source documents from former students. This will lead to an eight-part discussion and project intended to equip students with an accurate history of our school and prepare them to search for primary source documents in their own coursework and research.

School name: 

equoyah High School and Cherokee Immersion School

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Subject Area Focus: 

Social Studies/History

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Creator Name: 

Jeromie Hammer