Indian Identity and Cultural Survivance

The objective of this series of lessons is to get students thinking about the current-day presence of Native people within New England, and by extension, throughout the United States. Due to the common comment that “there are no Indians living here,” these lessons will bring to the fore the cultural existence, persistence, and dynamism of the indigenous peoples of New England. Students will begin with a simple self-assessment about their knowledge of and stereotypes about Indians/Native/indigenous people (terms used interchangeably). After and through class discussion, students will work individually, in small groups, and collectively to watch a Youtube video, examine primary sources (treaties and property deeds) to gain an understanding of the persistence and cultural survivance (a term they will learn) of the indigenous peoples of North America, specifically nations of the Northeast and the Wampanoag people.  

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Greenwich Academy

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Social Studies/History

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Abbe Karmen