OHara Rosie

Rosie O’Hara grew up in Washington State and has been a teacher in Portland Public Schools, in Oregon, for ten years. In 2011 she participated in the Oregon Writing Project co-creating the workshop titled Chinese Laborers in the Pacific Northwest: How Economic Turmoil Fueled Discrimination and Murder and later presented this at the 6th and 7th annual Northwest Teaching for Social Justice Conferences. In 2014 she was a Summer Scholar in the N.E.H. From Immigrants to Citizens: Asian Pacific Americans in the Northwest. Rosie looks for opportunities to challenge herself and grow as a human and educator, which is what led her to this summer’s Institute. She is grateful to be given this opportunity to challenge her schema, ask questions, and dive deeply into Teaching Native American Histories.

In her free time she is an aspiring educational organizer and activist, is a lover of the outdoors, and finds joy in growing her own food.


Creative Science School Portland, OR