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Title Grade Level Subject Area Focus Estimated days to complete Summary Creator Name
Native New England Ceramic Traditions Yesterday and Today 9-12 Other One to six weeks This lesson would be considered a unit. The goal is to have students look deeply at art of the Northeast Woodland Native culture both past and present and to see what meaning they can gain from the full description Cindy Bééshłigaii
Native Americans in New England Curricular Project 3-5 English Language Arts 6 days This lesson sequence introduces students to the idea of Place. Its focus is on building the language related to the substantive topic of the peoples’ relationship with Place. We look at a region as a full description Catherine Doiron
Compare and Contrast Early European Contact based on Wampanoag and Coeur d’Alene experiences 9-12 Social Studies/History 4 class periods The interactions between Native Americans and those of European ancestry was unique to those involved, particularly when the time of contact and geographic location are taken into consideration.  full description Bradley Veile
"Trick or Treaty?" Treaty Negotiations in 18th and 19th Century North America 9-12 Social Studies/History 4 When students are asked to summarize interactions between Indian peoples and Euro-Americans on the North American continent, they often describe the relations as tenuous, violent, and one-sided, full description Jennifer J. Gomez
We Are Still Here: An Introduction to Native American Communities in Southern New England K-2 Social Studies/History 5 These lessons will be taught near the beginning of a semester long study of Native Americans in Southern New England. Students will be introduced to some of the tribal nations in Southern New England full description Michelle Parrish
Wampanoags Past and Present 3-5 Social Studies/History, Other 4 Grade 3 students will develop handmade books that focus on 3 different time periods in the history of the Wampanoag Indians of Massachusetts (Mashpee on Cape Cod and Aquinnah/Gay Head on the island full description Denise Descoteau
Stories We Use to Understand Our World: Exploring Native American Deeptime Stories and Geology Explanations K-2 English Language Arts 5 In this unit, 2nd grade students will explore two ways that we tell stories in order to explain the world around us.  By focusing on a mountain that is (just about!) visible from the school, students full description Lani Blechman
Remembering King Philip's War 9-12 Social Studies/History 1 In the aftermath of King Philip’s War the Puritans of New England immediately set out to write the history of this traumatic conflict. While the initial tenor of these histories adopted the message full description Tim Beirne