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Title Grade Level Subject Area Focus Estimated days to complete Summary Creator Name
Connections to Our Past with Place 9-12 Social Studies/History, Other 5-8 This is a project based lesson. Students will use maps, locate places, research information about how the names came to being and if there is an Indigenous story behind the name. These places do not full description Teresa Wright & Sherry Manygoats
Picture This: An interactive read aloud of 1621: A New Look At Thanksgiving 3-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 1-2 In this lesson, students will sketch what they think the first Thanksgiving looked like, and they will share their sketches and thinking with a nearby partner. Following this, they will participate full description Jeremy Wolfe
The Tecumseh War & Legacy in Modern Indiana 9-12 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 4 In this lesson, the students will first analyze various primary source documents from the early 19th century related to the conflict between Tecumseh’s confederation and the United States government full description Jamison Shuck
Native American Cultural Genocide & Reclamation: Examining What Was Stolen & What Can Be Regained 9-12 Social Studies/History 4 Students examine the history of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School and research modern cultural reclamation projects. Marie Sarnacki
Water and Life: An Introduction to the Lands of the Wampanoag 3-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 1 Our students have a relationship with land and water. As humans we have a relationship with the land and water. What does that relationship look like? Students will reflect on their connection with full description Rosie O’Hara
Decolonize your mind; Re-examine Native Narratives in History 6-8 Social Studies/History 2 months Students in our area of Northeastern Pennsylvania (modern-day Pocono Mountains region along the Delaware River) will learn how the indigenous communities that lived in our area still influence the full description Katherine Nute
First Contact Mini-Unit 3-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 6 This mini-unit will give students a deeper understanding of the impact of Colonization on the Native Peoples of the New England area. Students will- understand that Native Americans exist in the full description Tracy Harding
The History of Sequoyah Schools: Through the Students’ Eyes 9-12 Social Studies/History 8 Students entering Sequoyah High School in the ninth grade are required to participate in a freshmen orientation course entitled Social/Emotional Learning. The course acclimates students to high full description Jeromie Hammer