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Title Grade Level Subject Area Focus Estimated days to complete Summary Creator Name
New Encounters: Asking Questions and Inferring Motive from Prime Sources 3-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 3 In this three-day lesson, 3rd-Graders will be guided through a primary source describing an encounter between California Coast Miwok and the English privateer Sir Francis Drake. Starting with a full description Kevin Breakstone
Decolonize place 9-12 Social Studies/History This unit includes three lessons that provide students opportunities to analyze an article(s) discussing how indigenous history is not historically accurate through a public display either in a full description Carrie Bohman
Manifest Destiny and the Doctrine of Discovery 6-8 Social Studies/History 3 The United States Constitution sparingly covers the role and legal status of Native Americans and Alaskans. A complex series of treaties has set the basis for the relationship between tribes and the full description Aaron Blankenship
Shawnee: Who We Are Yesterday and Today K-2 Social Studies/History 3 weeks Students will explore various components of identity within the context of the Piqua Shawnee Nation of Alabama, the Shawnee Nation prior to contact, and various Shawnee tribes across the United full description Morgan Quisenberry
Elder Interview Project 3-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 8 Fourth grade students will interview elders from the Wampanoag and Mohican Nations.  They will first learn how the interview process works, and practice interviewing their peers.  Students will learn full description Lori Mueller
California’s Unratified Treaties 3-5 Social Studies/History 4-6 Students will learn about and read California’s unratified treaties with the Native nations of the state; students will map the promised land areas and write about how the state would be different full description Sarah McGillivray
Whose Land? You be the judge! 9-12 Social Studies/History 3-5 This year the U.S. Supreme Court will issue a major decision concerning Native sovereignty in Oklahoma, potentially impacting every tribe in the country. Carpenter v. Murphy emerges out of a murder full description Wendy Ewbank
You’re Telling Me the Thanksgiving Story is a Lie? How Do You Know That? 6-8 Social Studies/History 3 NOTE: This lesson will be incorporated into a four- to six-week unit on America and its relationship to the one-thousand plus indigenous tribes commonly known as Native Americans.   In this lesson, full description Teresa Ann Willis