Teaching Native American Histories

Are you interested in learning about Native American histories?  Are you someone with questions or information to share? Are you a teacher looking for curriculum ideas or other resources? Welcome!

We believe that teaching Native American histories in a positive way requires both specific, local knowledge and a broad understanding of how colonization manifests across time and space in the Americas and around the world.  This project began with a focus on New England tribes, but we welcome information and resources about Indigenous Peoples in other places.  There’s a place for you to tell us What’s Happening in Your State.

We also believe that facts without context can be misleading or downright harmful. Much of what mainstream American knows about Native Americans is filtered through a lens of non-Native perspectives and biases.  We begin to address this with two resources: 10 Tips to Decolonize Your Classroom and Key Concepts for Native American History.

This website is both a resource and a clearing house. People across the country are doing good work to develop curriculum materials, websites, and other resources but often we talk past each other.  Let’s work together to teach Native American histories in our schools at every grade level and increase awareness among the general public.