Compare and Contrast Early European Contact based on Wampanoag and Coeur d’Alene experiences

The interactions between Native Americans and those of European ancestry was unique to those involved, particularly when the time of contact and geographic location are taken into consideration.  This project is designed for students to compare and contrast early contact by looking at the history of the Wampanoag and the Coeur d’Alene.  An element of Coeur d’Alene contact which has an impact to be included is a prophecy by Circling Raven regarding the coming of the “Black Robes” (Jesuits).  Students will be provided readings to serve as a common base of information from which a class presentation is created which is then shared with peers.  

School name: 

Lakeside High School

School district: 

Plummer/Worley School District



Grade Level: 


Subject Area Focus: 

Social Studies/History

Estimated days to complete: 

4 class periods

Creator Name: 

Bradley Veile