Decolonize place

This unit includes three lessons that provide students opportunities to analyze an article(s) discussing how indigenous history is not historically accurate through a public display either in a museum or a school mural.  

Students will analyze primary sources pertinent to the history being conveyed in order for students to critically discern how the perspective is ahistorical or from a settler colonial perspective rather than from an indigenous perspective. 

Students will eventually write a position paper as to whether or not the George Washington school mural should be removed due to it possibly causing historically trauma.  With their position paper written, students will engage in a Socratic discussion grappling with the issues.

Throughout the unit, students will also have an opportunity to locate another public display: mural either in a school or municipal setting, a statue, or place name and analyze for the historical accuracy and representation within the community.  Students will evaluate the authenticity of the history or the image being conveyed. If the public image(s) is ahistorical or perpetuates settler colonialism and negates accurate indigenous identity and culture, students will identify the civic entity responsible and convey their concerns along with advocacy for change. 


School name: 

Madison West High School

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Subject Area Focus: 

Social Studies/History

Creator Name: 

Carrie Bohman