Elder Interview Project

Fourth grade students will interview elders from the Wampanoag and Mohican Nations.  They will first learn how the interview process works, and practice interviewing their peers.  Students will learn about the history of the Wampanoag and Mohican Nations so they will have needed background information on the Nations being represented by the elders they will be interviewing.  Students will develop questions in advance of each interview. These will be sent in advance to the elder who will be visiting the classroom. On the day of each interview, students will each receive a printed question sheet with space to record their answers.  The elder will be introduced, and then the interview will begin. In the next lesson, the students will each create a project to summarize and reflect on what they have learned. In the last lesson, students will give an oral reflection to their class.  

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Bowler School District

School district: 

Bowler, Wisconsin



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English Language Arts
Social Studies/History

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Lori Mueller