Program 2017

This Summer Institute offers a rigorous, humanities-based approach to Native American history that emphasizes key concepts rather than dates, events or famous people while maintaining a focus on primary sources and historical content. The two-week program is organized around five key concepts that are introduced in Week 1 and revisited in Week 2. The mix of speakers and topics will move smoothly between past and present, local and national. This juxtaposition allows us to make connections and scaffold new information. NEH Summer Scholars will have an immersive experience on the Wampanoag homeland. The Institute will convene on Martha’s Vineyard. Two days later, we will move to Hyannis, Massachusetts for the remaining time. The Wampanoag homeland on the Atlantic seacoast has become prime summer vacation real estate. In this Institute, stereotypes about Indians who live in harmony with nature will be quickly disrupted by participants’ experience of local traffic jams and strip malls. The Summer Scholars will meet a variety of local Wampanoag people and guest presenters from other tribes. When we are not on the road, we will meet in a classroom at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, just a short walk from the Hyannis hostel.

Week 1 Program

Week 2 Program