Selection Criteria

A selection committee is comprised of the project director and two or more colleagues, at least one of whom is a K-12 teacher. They evaluate all complete applications to select a group of NEH Summer Scholars and identify alternates. 
Application essays should explain how the specific program will benefit the participant professionally. They should, therefore, address the following: 

1. your effectiveness and commitment as a teacher/educator;
2. your intellectual interests as they relate to the topic of the seminar or institute;
3. your special perspectives, skills, or experiences that would contribute to the program; and
4. evidence that participation will have a long-term impact on your teaching.

We welcome Indigenous and non-Indigenous teachers from all grade levels and subject areas, assuming that you will know best how to apply the advanced content of this Summer Institute to your classroom needs.  

Three seminar spaces and five institute spaces must be reserved for teachers who are new to the profession (those who have been teaching for five years or less). First consideration is given to those who have not previously attended an NEH Seminar or Institute. When choices must be made between equally qualified candidates, preference is given to those who would enhance the diversity of the program.