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Title Grade Level Subject Area Focus Estimated days to complete Summary Creator Name
Native American Reclamation- Intervention Lessons 6-8 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 6 This collection of lessons centers around the topics of language, education, and cultural identity.  I have put them together with my 7th grade Reading Intervention group in mind, but the texts could full description Amanda Patrick
Native Americans, Rousseau and the French Revolution 9-12 Social Studies/History 3 Students will analyze the writing of Rousseau “A Discourse- Upon the Origin and the Foundation of the Inequality Among Mankind” and summarize his analysis of the lives of native Americans.  Students full description Ted Collins
Native American Monuments and American Memory 9-12 English Language Arts, Social Studies/History 4 Students will use primary and secondary sources to explore the questions: What role do monuments have in our understanding of historical events?  How do monuments reflect the history of the Native full description Elaine Montuori
Native American Literatures 1600-present 9-12 English Language Arts, Other 4 This project is the first four lessons of a quarter unit on American Indian stories, philosophies, commentaries, and arts, from traditional and contemporary sources. The overall object is to 1) full description Andrew Harris
Mashpee Wampanoag Struggle for Land and Federal Recognition 1977-2007 9-12 Social Studies/History 2 For this particular lesson, I will require students to examine the 1970’s and the “me” generation a bit deeper. Students will examine the Mashpee case in conjunction with other reform movements of full description Shannon Ramah
Language of Social Studies 6-8 Other 3 This project is intended to bring awareness of how diverse and plentiful Native American languages were pre-contact and the effects of colonization on Native languages from pre-contact to present.  full description Akesa Mafi
Indian People Still Exist: Bridging the Knowledge-Gap That May Persist Among Elementary School Children to Show the Continuous Link between 17th Century Patuxet Wampanoag to Present-Day Wampanoag K-2 Social Studies/History 4 During a fall unit within the Second Grade “Journeys” social studies curriculum, students focus on the 1620/21“encounter,” exploring the differences between aspects of daily life of the English and full description Amy Curtis
Indian Identity and Cultural Survivance 6-8 Social Studies/History 3 The objective of this series of lessons is to get students thinking about the current-day presence of Native people within New England, and by extension, throughout the United States. Due to the full description Abbe Karmen