Shawnee: Who We Are Yesterday and Today

Students will explore various components of identity within the context of the Piqua Shawnee Nation of Alabama, the Shawnee Nation prior to contact, and various Shawnee tribes across the United States. Students will explore what identity means from a personal individual and collective level, and relate various components of identity to indigenous peoples. Students will  analyze various primary and secondary sources to understand in a deeper way the identity of the Piqua Shawnee Nation today. Students will collaborate with tribal members and classrooms across the state and nation, as well as their peers, in exploring the identity of this nation. Through purposeful research, reflection, and collaboration, students will shatter their own misconceptions about indigenous peoples while creating ways to education their community regarding the rich identity of the Shawnee Nation today.

School name: 

Mount Olive Elementary School

School district: 

Jefferson County School System, Alabama



Grade Level: 


Subject Area Focus: 

Social Studies/History

Estimated days to complete: 

3 weeks

Creator Name: 

Morgan Quisenberry