Wampanoags Past and Present

Grade 3 students will develop handmade books that focus on 3 different time periods in the history of the Wampanoag Indians of Massachusetts (Mashpee on Cape Cod and Aquinnah/Gay Head on the island of Martha’s Vineyard).  (Pre-contact, post-contact and present day.) 

 In session 1, students will create a pre-test drawing that shows what they know, at present, about the Wampanoag people. 

In sessions 2, 3, and 4 students will view videos about the transportation, shelter and currency used by the Wampanaog Indians as well as using information from class discussions to create drawings that illustrate what they have learned.

The primary goal is to have students evaluate the dissonant elements of their beliefs as they create their handmade books so that they can alter their preconceived thoughts about Wampanoag people and replace the incorrect beliefs with accurate information relating to the past and present.    

School name: 

Dr. Marcella R. Kelly Elementary School

School district: 

Holyoke Public School District



Grade Level: 


Subject Area Focus: 

Social Studies/History

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Creator Name: 

Denise Descoteau